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The Moonlight Army is back! Join US!

Come take a look at the brand new MoonlightArmy.com!

We need your help to promote the season 1 DVD release and upcoming SciFi Channel debut. It's time to remember what made us fall in love with this show...


Josef's Blast From The Past

Title: Josef's Blast From The Past
Author: Claire
Crossover: Moonlight/Veronica Mars
Pairing/Character:  Josef/Veronica Mars  Mick/Beth
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexual situations, Violance
Summary: AU: Josef Loved her for over 300 years, they were 'Forever' until 90 years go she left him, running away from her Phyco Vampire Ex. Now she has come back for Josef bringing trouble with her. Can he save her before it destroys him?
Aurthors note: This is already been posted by myself on Fanfiction

"Moonlight" Rally Cap

Hi! I'm new here, but based on deutschtard's recommendation, I've joined your group and am cross-posting something that she saw me post in another group.

This was my other post that she thought you all might like:

I had an idea a few days back and it's now a reality! I wanted something I could not only wear to a "Moonlight" rally, but also to wear every day so I could spread the word about how we are trying to save "Moonlight". You know, to grab the attention of other "Moonlight" fans so I could then ask them, "Do you know about our efforts to save the show? Would you like to get involved, too?"

So, I found a site that makes custom hats and I now have my very own "Moonlight" Josef Kostan hat!

Here are some pics:

On the front it says, "VAMPIRE SOLIDARITY. RAH, RAH, RAH!"

Vamp Solidarity 1

On the back it says, "Josef Kostan, Eternal Bad Boy"


This hat was advertised on Ebay as $12.99 with a few dollars for shipping, but it only said "Vampire Solidarity". The seller's listing said they would change it up if the buyer wanted. So, I added in the third line to complete the quote. And, for an extra $5 I got her to add on the saying on the back so people would know who said the quote on the front.

Cooh, huh? *^_^*

If anyone is interested in getting a hat like this one (or with other "Moonlight" quotes), the website for the company who was selling this on Ebay is www.creativestitchers.com

And, no...I'm in no way associated with the company making the hats. I just thought others might like to have one, too. ^_^

where to begin...

Moonlight has been a huge part of my life since it started airing. I was immediately mesmerized by Mick, Beth, Josef and yes, Coraline . The show in and of itself was absolutely amazing, the lighting, THE MUSIC, the writing, and the chemistry between all the actors. It was something to behold! Throughout  the season you were introduced to more and more amazing story lines and characters (gotta love Logan), every week I was at the edge of my seat watching the clock thinking, it can't be over yet... Then the long week of waiting began, until MICK FRIDAY!  *woohoo* Then the cycle repeated itself, until we were all dealt that evil blow that tore at our hearts and mad us VERY ANGRY!!! What canceled, are you CRAZY???!!!!
An Army was raised, and along with millions of other fans on various web sites, we began to fight a crusade that WILL  take us to our ultimate goal... Season 2!  I will not rest until we win, join us
www.MoonlightArmy.com , chat live at www.TheBuzzWire.net .

As a side note...
Through this heartache I have found solace in my many new friends that I would have never "met" otherwise. Girls and Guys, I love you all! Vampire UP! Lets win this war for Mick and Beth!

Moonlight: Why I Watch

I love Moonlight for lots of different reasons. 

I love it because everyone said it wouldn't be worth watching at the start ("it's too much like angel" blah blah) and I HATE being told what to watch and what not to watch. 

I love it because as soon as I heard Mick's voiceovers, and saw how it was shot like a film noir I thought it was classy, and different. These vampires don't brood! They have convertibles and make multi-million dollar deals! They adapt to each generation and I thought that was cool. 

I love it because of Mickbeth - Mickbeth ship how I heart thee! I am such a sucker (no pun intended) for a good romantic story. And I love Beth and Mick's characters so much, they're so sweet you can't help but want them to be together. And they would have pretty babies. 

I love it because even after all the crap it went through at the start, they came out and blew everyone away with Fever, Love Lasts Forever, Fated To Pretend, and Sonata. Anyone who didn't shed just a little tear at the end of Sonata go and see a doctor now because you might as well be dead. 

I love it because Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles (apart from being beautiful) are so talented and seem like people who would be so much fun to hang out with. And yay for foreigners! 

I love it because when they took it off, we refused to let it go. And because of that I've written and had contact with people all over the world I've never met. So why would I want to give up something that gave me the opportunity to do that?


I love everything about this show!! It has great writing, the complexity of the plot, and the romance between characters...The cancelling of the show has also brought all of us together as a family..we know things about each other y0u wouldnt tell your best friend. I love how is made us fight for something..to believe in something.  I love being able to vent my anger towards cbs for cancelling it..we all have somewhere to go to put our feelings out there and make friends..we might not know each others names but we know each others personalities..keep fighting and keep loving...lol.  peace to all!! WE WANT MOONLIGHT BACK!!